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15 Fulton Road, Maffra, Victoria
Stainless Steel  -  Galvanised Aluminium  -  Mild Steel Fabrication
Client Testament

Customer Reviews: Find out what our customers have to say about us.

John Emanuelli

Custom Ute Tray - Bairnsdale

After many years off road camping I wanted something custom built for my Ute, I knew of Maffra Sheetmetal and their quality work.

So I explained to them what I was looking for, they really listened and helped me to expand on my ideas and designs!


I was looking for a, "Slip On, Off Road Camper", to attach to the back of my Ute. Once the job was finished their design and workmanship was spot on!

John Wattson

Superior Caravans - Gippsland

Maffra Sheetmetal continually helps us with on-site repairs and special modifications to caravans we have for sale, requested by our clients.

We would strongly suggest to call Maffra Sheetmetal Works for all your steel work needs.

Maffra Sheetmetal Works

Start To Finish:  From Unformed Steel To Maffra Sheetmetal Works To The End Product

What We Deliver - is the best quality and service in steel works and steel  fabrication from the office to the workshop floor, and with 30 years of experience in the industry we will deliver to you the highest standard of workmanship. We specialise in custom builds of any design to suit your needs, creating a unique experience for every customer.

What Is Our Mission - to supply superior quality products. Complete customer satisfaction. A 24 hour service for breakdowns. To work with and for our local community and offer our support to the community and local sporting groups as much as we can.

Our Passion - is our belief in fabricating superior products for our customers and this truly shows with our staff going above and beyond on every project at Maffra Sheetmetal.

Team Work Is Key - with our highly skilled team of metal working craftsmen, we are able to produce the most amazing results. We will always make sure our expert knowledge runs through the veins of every project we are tasked. We are dedicated to meeting all our deadlines on time and within your budget guidelines, as for us, your satisfaction is all that matters.

Latest Projects

Have A Look Inside: Take a look at our custom work gallery or look at our Facebook page to see what projects have taken on, you might get inspired to call us...

Custom Metal
We Specialise in Custom Design Metal Work Made To Order



About Us
From Service
To Product
We Specialise in Custom Design Metal Work Made To Order
Metals We Use

A List Of Metals We Can Use On Projects: Mild Steel, Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel,  Aluminium and Galvanised Aluminium...




Services We Offer -

  • Welding.

  • Spot Welding.

  • Hole Punching.

  • Plasma Cutting.

  • Laser Cutting.

  • Rolling.

  • Forming.

  • Press Brake Folding & Guillotining.

  • Mild Steel, Galvanised Steel, Aluminium & Stainless Steel Sheet Cut To Size.

  • Cutting & Folding of Mild Steel, Galvanised Steel, Aluminium & Stainless Steel Sheet.

  • On Site Installations For Food & Beverage Industries.

  • On Site Welding & Repairs, Construction Work, Conveyor Fabrication & Installation.

  • Stainless Steel Pipe Fabrication & Installation

  • Steam Pipe Fabrication & Installation.

A Sample of Products We Can Make -

  • Stainless Steel Bench Tops, Shelving, Sheeting & Exhaust Canopies To Suit Industrial & Residential.

  • Aluminium canopies, Storage Boxes, Dog Boxes, Under Tray Boxes and Side Boxes For Ute's & 4X4's

  • Aluminium Ute Tray Drop Sides & Mudguards

  • Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Tool Boxes

  • Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Mild Steel Tool Boxes Trailer Bodies, Tailgates & Mudguards

  • Flashing & Box Gutter Cut & Bent To Order.

Want To Know How Steel Is Made:
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Steel Fabrication

 With quality in mind Maffra Sheetmetal Works only uses the best quality steel made for all their clients projects.

Whether its to build a stainless steel kitchen or trays for a pick-up truck you can rest assure that Maffra Sheetmetal Works will not only use the best quality materials available but also produce for you superior products that will stand up to the test of time.

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